跳到导航 跳到搜索

Patricia (PATRICIA) is one of the witches that appeared in Episode 10. It is speculated that the original magical girl wanted to enjoy a bright and happy youth. Others speculate that she may be an abuse victim.




Speculations and Observations

  • As shown in Episode 10, She appeared in 2nd timeline, and was defeated by Mami, Madoka and Homura. But the cover of Blu-Ray Volume 5 shows that all 5 magical girls are fighting against her. It is suspected that she also appears in other timelines.
  • The Guide Book states that Patricia's labyrinth is the sky with the line, "It's raining again today. How long will I continue to be unlucky for?" (今日という日が雨だなんて私はどれほどついていないんだろう). According with the description when the Witch dies it rains heavily and there is the sound like an aircraft crashing.
    • It is possible Patricia had low self-esteem and regarded herself unlucky.
    • Perhaps Patricia became a Witch as a result of a plane crash accident, caused by a storm, and considered herself more unlucky than usual.





  • In the TBS version of the broadcast, spider-like patterns are added to the underside of Patricia's skirt.

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