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跳到导航 跳到搜索


Summary - Interview with Gen Urobuchi

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  • Mahou Shoujo in this show are not united as a single group.
  • Main element of the story is how everyone from a different standpoint understands each other.
  • Everything about Homura is mysterious, unlike other characters whose parts and motivation are clear.
  • Mami knows the mechanism of the world to a certain degree, so her part is a guide to Madoka and Sayaka.
  • Madoka and Sayaka will follow the way Mami leads, but at a certain point they might choose their own paths.
  • Urobuchi "this is my first time I have been entrusted with a big task that is scenario for all episodes, I feel like I can say I'm an anime scenario writer now (laughs). Can I go ahead from this point is up to "Madoka."

by 高橋美香

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